Illustration –Character design – Concept Art

Welcome to my website!

As a professional artist, I specialize in the following work areas:


My main focus is illustrations, particularly in the areas of fantasy and folklore, as well as animal and creature illustrations.


Another central theme in my work is character design. The design tells us a story about a character and their unique world.

Concept Art

Another focus of my artistic work is designing worlds for stories or characters.


It is particularly important to me as an illustrator to find the optimal solution for every project. I am passionately involved in all phases, from the sketches to the final rendering. My goal is always to achieve top performance in every step of the work. In the projects you will get an insight into how I work and the steps I take.

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I believe as a character designer that in order to create a quality design, there is a need to empathize with and understand a character. A character is versatile and has a variety of emotions and actions that are shaped by his life story and the world situation. My way of working is presented in the projects through work steps.

The project development from a sketch...

Every project begins with an idea, presented in the form of a sketch. the highly rendered illustration

I follow my entire process from the sketch to the finished colored illustration with a video recording.
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