Illustration –Character design – Concept Art


Dragons are among the most interesting creatures in fantasy worlds. These creatures can be both terrifying and fascinating. All over the world, dragons are very present in numerous books, films and video games, each with different visual representations and characteristic features. In my own works I have been guided by my imagination and have created numerous illustrations with dragons.

I have endeavored to depict a variety of character designs and worlds in these illustrations. Most dragon designs are inspired by dinosaurs and other reptiles, while in some legends there are also borrowings of oversized cats and birds. I drew my inspiration mainly from existing reptiles such as snakes, dragons, lizards, turtles and frogs, sometimes in combination with certain mammals.

I attach great importance in my work to combining different visual approaches too experimentally, to fantasize and to rethink. The composition and perspective of a character in its surroundings are as important as the color and atmospheric choices to achieve an impressive overall impression.


Dragon Sketches

Sketches play a central role in my creative work, especially at the beginning of a project. This process allows me to explore different approaches. Here I have sketched different variations in order to select several designs for future illustrations.

Blue Dragon

I decided to depict a dragon resting on a tree in one of my visual approaches. My goal was to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The dragon rests half asleep under the midday sun of a summer day, and although it may seem cute at first glance, its pointed scales, claws and teeth are not without danger. Thats why I advise against trying to cuddle. ; )

After selecting a sketch, I work it out into a detailed linear drawing. This serves as a basis for the placement of objects, design decisions and as a basis for shading in the illustration.

Red Dragon

I decided for an elegant dragon design from a previously created series of sketches. My goal was to create an elegant gait of a female dragon with fine details and slender body parts. I found my inspiration here in the corridor of a deer and a woman dressed in red. I worked on designing of many fine scales and sharp shapes.

From the beginning I made the visual decision to work with complementary colors. Green versus red creates interesting shadows, so I chose a forest as a landscape. Almost before I finished the painting, I had the idea to create a mysterious atmosphere through glowing beetles and fogs.

White Dragon

Among my sketches I noticed a design with wreath-shaped horns. The idea was to design a large, friendly dragon. Its size, spherical contours and sheeps horns give a naive, dreamy and happy impression. With golden horns I wanted to add an unexpected creative touch. At dusk he meets the last warm rays of the sun on a stone warmed by the sun. Here I try to capture the moment of sunset during my long hikes in Scandinavia and the joy of the last rays of the sun.

Black Dragon

A vicious dragon in the sketch series caught my eye. I tried to complete my sketch and create an interesting design. During this process, I unexpectedly applied a comic style, which I am now considering using more often. Inspired by black snakes and grey eyes, I developed the color palette.

Poisonous Dragon

The design of this dragon was influenced by the modification of my sketch. Here I had the desire to create a yellow poisonous dragon, inspired by the appearance of a tree climber frog. This frog, also called dart frog, is one of the most poisonous frogs on the planet and lives in the rainforests. It mainly feeds on poisonous prey animals and thereby absorbs their venom. My picture shows a poisonous dragon that trapped its victims in a tropical lake in the rainforest. I try to reproduce the deep green color of the rainforest.
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